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Project Ukraine

PTAK Refugee Center

PTAK Humanitarian Aid Center is the largest refugee center in Warsaw. It is housed in the Warsaw Expo Fair and Conference Center and operates with the assistance of the Government of Poland and the Governor of Mazowsze. The area of the Center is 150 000 sqm and can house as many as 20 000 refugees. The Centre operates with the assistance and coordination provided by the Government of the Republic of Poland.

This is the hub where supplies are donated, stored, and distributed to the refugees as they arrive from Ukraine. Royal Charis was able to provide thousands of dollars worth of hams, fruit, paper products, diapers, formula, and water to the Ukranians. We also helped in the distribution of backpacks filled with various goodies to all the children, and more substantial backpacks to all

the adults containing the necessary supplies to help them provide for their families as they traveled to their next destination. 

 PTAC workers join Nancy (center) and Rick Tunis (second from right) after a rewarding day of welcoming Ukranian refugees.The Director of PTAK, Marta, (far right) oversaw all operations and distributions.


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