Royal Charis Relief was founded by Rick and Nancy Tunis in 2015, but through church support they have been providing food relief in Africa, the Carribean and the USA for many years. Our future efforts will include providing humanitarian aid for US disasters, as well as, helping persecuted Christians in countries like Egypt and Lebanon. 


With an eye for making commercials and film, Royal Charis hopes to increase our influence for good in the world. For donations to help with making Christian films and documentaries checks can be made payable to Royal Charis Films.

In 2021 we are hoping to raise support to relieve the suffering of food insecure families and refugees in Zimbabwe and possibly Kenya.  Our support will include finding out what the greatest needs are and then, as much as possible, provide for those needs. Although our primary goal is to distribute food, other provisions could include blankets, soap, medical or even dental help. Won't you consider helping us help others in desperate need?

Where we have done food distribution!

Royal Charis Relief

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