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​BLI will be going to South Sudan for 2 weeks in February in order to bring food relief to those who are devasted by war. Many were not able to plant crops due to the fighting.




BLI wants to fill spiritual needs as well as physical needs. It all begins with establishing a relationship with Christ as personal Lord and Savior.  Jesus said, "I am the bread of life." What could be more valuable or precious than knowing that Jesus loves you and died to save you!

Mission Trip 2022

Project Ukraine

Bus Station, Warsaw

This bus station was one of the major centers that welcomed Ukranians to Poland.In several of the pictures, you'll notice yellow and blue Teddy Bears. These were hand made by a lady in Bath, PA specifically for the children coming out from Ukraine. The colors are those of Ukraine's flag, and each bear sported a little sunflower which is the national flower of their country. As we worked in the station we would see children crying or looking very scared.These are the children we would approach with the teddy bears. The smiles that these little bears elicited were worth their weight in gold.

Volumteers speaking French, German, Italian, English, Portuguese, etc. were positioned all around the bust station holding signs for their particular country. Many of the refugees made arrangements as to where they would go prior to fleeing Ukraine. They would approach these volunteers, and would then be directed to the appropriate buses to take them to to their temporary homes. 


A Ukranian family, newly arrived to Poland, settle together at the bus station to rest before embarking on the next leg of their journey. 

PTAC workers join Nancy and Rick Tunis after a rewarding day of welcoming Ukranian refugees.

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